Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Raising global awareness of water issues

This is from an email I received earlier this week:
I'm collaborating with ONE DROP an NGO launched by Cirque du Soleil founder (Guy Laliberté) to realize his dream of fighting poverty by providing access to clean water to the world's population.

To get one step closer to this remarkably ambitious goal from March 16th to March 22th ONE DROP will be raising awareness for the Global Water Crisis and World Water Day (March 22nd) across Blogs, Digg, Tweeter, Facebook and many other social networks in an upcoming social media effort called Ripple:


This Friday March 20th an unprecedented rally event will be held on Digg: DIGG FOR WATER asking as many supporters as possible to dig our cause. This effort will hopefully allow us to collectively take the front page on Digg and to make Web audiences sensitive to the urgency of action to tackle Global Water Crisis.

Could you please be so kind to help us spread the word by providing some coverage to this story on Watering the Desert.

Thank you in advance!

All the best,

Andres Restrepo

This seems like a worthy cause. It's important to remember when we fret over our water problems in the developed world (i.e. an occasional lack of sufficient water, of a quality and at a price we are accustomed to, to meet all the demands we place on the resource) that there are billions of people in the developing world (where access to reliable sources of clean water is often one of the greatest luxuries) who would love to have our water problems.

Take a moment to check out their website and participate if you can.

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