Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A chance to profit from your water conservation ideas

I received an email this week from someone representing Imagine H2O, a "San Francisco based not-for-profit organization committed to enabling water entrepreneurship." They are organizing an event in San Francisco later this week (yeah I probably won't make it either) to launch a new initiative to promote entrepreneurial ideas in water conservation, or as they described it to me:
... on Thursday August 20th we are hosting what we hope will be a uniquely productive evening for identifying water customers’ needs, brainstorming ideas and building teams in anticipation of the upcoming launch of the inaugural Imagine H2O Prize. More information on this event can be found at the event website (http://waterefficiency.eventbrite.com).
Imagine H2O hopes to positively affect the world’s water problems by forming a dynamic environment for water entrepreneurship. You can view our media page at (www.imagineh2o.org/media) for more information on the organization ...

Here's some more info on the contest they are sponsoring:
The topic for the 2009-10 competition is Water Efficiency. Competitors will provide solutions that reduce the demand or use of water in either agriculture, commercial and industrial, or residential applications. This could be done via demand response, recycling, reuse, or through any other smart management ideas. Total prizes given in 2009-10 will be $50,000. Winners will receive cash, in-depth business incubation including introductions to financiers, potential beta customers and go-to-market partners, and reduced-rate or free office space.

I was provided with two names and contact info if you are interested in learning more than can be gleaned from the websites:
Jared Dunnmon, jdunnmon@gmail.com, or
Director of Operations Aaron Schwartz, as@imagineh2o.org

If you think you have a great idea for fostering water conservation and efficiency this could be your big break. Certainly seems worth looking into.

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