Monday, August 23, 2010

A Short Commercial Break

OK, I never envisioned using this blog as a platform to seek financial support for anyone.  But there is a truly wonderful non-profit located here in Tucson, AZ (for which I am a board member) that is in the midst of their summer fund-raising drive and was recently informed by one of their supporters that they would match all donations during the month of August.  This non-profit for which I schlep is called Watershed Management Group and I believe strongly in their mission.

But aren't they just involved in work in Tucson - which is not where I live? - you might be asking yourself.  And the answer is - no, they do not only work in Tucson or in southern Arizona for that matter.  Since the creation of the organization a few years ago they have engaged in work in India and West Africa, as well as training certified water harvesting technicians from throughout the United States and Mexico.  They are creating community-based, grassroots momentum to encourage more sustainable use of water in neighborhoods throughout Tucson, Phoenix, and wherever the graduates of their certification program land and begin to teach.

I decided to use my blog on this one occasion to promote their organization because I believe that my readers (however few you may be) are the type of people who would like to support the efforts of a group of dedicated young professionals trying to make a difference in local communities.

If this sounds interesting to you, please take a moment to visit the website and consider making a donation to support them.

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