Sunday, January 8, 2012

Anniversary of a Tragedy

It was exactly one year ago that I posted something completely uncharacteristic for this blog.  It was an event that had a tremendous impact on me, but I'm still not sure it had the kind of impact it should have had on society-at-large.  This idea is well articulated in this piece by Jeff Biggers, posted on Salon today.

I don't want to initiate an ongoing discussion on this blog about these events, but didn't want to let the anniversary pass without at least mentioning it.  It's one of those events in our lives we should try to never forget because the lessons to be learned from them are just too important.  The most important of which is to be part of a community, know your neighbors, be nosy sometimes, and take care of each other.  Fear and suspicion are enemies of these ideas - they need to be fought.

I'm hoping to pick up the thread of my recent discussion of Indian water rights soon, so bear with me.

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