Friday, March 15, 2013

Follow-up on Tribute development in Sierra Vista

The Daily Star has an article this morning about the big proposed development in Sierra Vista that has been the subject of some controversy lately over their water use.  I commented on this situation last summer when Arizona Department of Water Resources first ruled that the development does have an adequate water supply and could move forward in the permitting process.  This latest article was prompted by a ruling from an administrative law judge who determined that the Department had correctly applied Arizona law in making their decision.

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 The article correctly states that under Arizona law the opponents of this development have no basis for challenging the approval of the water supply, hence the ruling from Judge Shedden.  Where they might get some traction is in federal court.  But there are no guarantees that a federal court will act in time to prevent the development or that it will even take action to stop the development if it does.  The opponents clearly have an uphill battle here.  If this does go to federal court I would expect to see our state legislature trying to pass many stupid laws and resolutions condemning the potential trampling of state sovereignty by the federal government.  That's just how we roll in Arizona.

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