Thursday, January 30, 2014

A New(ish) Twist on Conservation Justification

In the West you often hear of cities seeking new water supplies by prodding farms to conserve, thereby freeing up water that can be transferred from ag uses to urban uses.  But this article from Durango, CO discusses efforts in that state to encourage additional urban conservation in order to maintain ag uses.  Colorado has seen fairly aggressive efforts to re-allocate water from ag to urban in recent decades and there has been a lot of concern about the effects this will have on rural communities if irrigated agriculture starts to dry up.

California and New Mexico have also had experience with this and similar concerns.  This concern shot down legislation that would have created a mechanism to finance water transfers in Arizona last year.  So now the farming communities are looking for ways to protect their economies and the farmers that support them.  It's a conversation worth having.


Midnyt Blaze said...

We should concern on Water Conservation to protect lands turning into desert.

HenryMUHS said...

I really enjoy the style of your blog. Lots of quick raw information left open for discussion. It is also interesting for me, coming from the midwest, to read issues that the SW of our country are facing. I simply do not view water the same way as many Americans do based on the place I grew up. Blogs like these are very helpful for educating and bringing together those from different perspectives but similar concerns. Thanks!