Friday, August 8, 2008

Getting back to local

OK, I have been straying from my local focus so far this week. Time to bring it all back home. The next city-county water study meeting is next Wed. at the Randolph Golf Course Clubhouse. This is another 7:00 am meeting (like the one I missed back in late June because I showed up at 6:00 pm). The main topic of this meeting is financial aspects of water and wastewater planning. While it all sounds quite fascinating - I think that rather than sit in a room and listen to people talk to me about project financing, I'll just read the documents posted on the website [] to get the gist of the presentations. The other key bit of business for this meeting is to go over their proposed August progress report. That is also available on the website.
In short, what I'm trying to say is that I'm not planning to go to the meeting. I know - this will make 3 consecutive meetings that I've missed. The thing is ... most of these meetings so far are just inventorying. The speakers are giving the committee members the lowdown on what water and wastewater assets we have. After a few more meetings they should start talking about what we are going to need in the future and what that future might entail. That will be the really interesting stuff. Hope to see some new faces out for those topics. Until then ...

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