Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Still here

Yeah, it's been awhile - I know. I hate it when the real job keeps me so busy I can't spend any time on my pretend job.

There are some things going on that I need to comment on, so I will try to get to it soon. First is the impending, near-complete destruction of the Arizona Department of Water Resources that now appears imminent as a result of our state budget crisis and the shameless way our state legislature and governor have dealt with the problem. This will have very serious and long-lasting ramifications for water management in Arizona.

Second, I still plan to get back to the discussion of water harvesting I started at the end of 2009.

And finally, there are some rumblings going on in Tucson about getting the next phase of our regional water resource sustainability discussion going later this year. Which should tie in nicely with some recent developments at the state level related to water resources (of course who will staff and pay for any such efforts will be a real question - see above).

It's gonna be a very weird and busy year. Should be fun.

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Eric Perramond said...

CB - sorry to hear about the woes at Water Resources. While it is tough all around, in almost every state from what I can tell, AZ seems to be particularly slammed.