Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Making some changes

I'm trying to play around with the design within the confines of Blogger.  I'm not convinced I like the result and might consider moving to a different platform.  If any of my 3 or 4 readers has an opinion I'd appreciate if you let me know.  And if you have a favorite blogging platform that I should check out let me know about that too.


Katherine Wilkins-Wells said...


Love the background pic. The semi-see-through portion is a nice touch, too, but makes some of the sidebar material a little hard to read. Can you lighten up the opacity level of this part? Or, use white text for all the sidebar text? Of course, the real heart of the blog are the posts. If you change platforms, let me know. WAB

If you were licensed in KS I'd gladly accept your business card - if for no other reason than to possibly collaborate with our attorney. HA!

Michael E said...

Hi, Chris.

Like Wayne, I like the backgrond picture but the text, especially that below the title, is illegible to me. I found the previous yellow hard to read but this is worse. I also find the text in the main portion of the blog difficult to discern - too light - but my eyesight is admitttedly causing me problems these days.

I recommend not switching to Typepad - what I have. I find it awkward and have thought about switching for some time but am too lazy to do so. And I have become accustomed to Typepad's idiosyncrasies. I also use Wordpress for the AWRA blog, and that is quirky, too.

Anonymous said...

I read your posts via RSS, so don't have much opinion on layouts, but check out Wordpress!

Chris Brooks said...

Comments noted and thanks for your suggestions. I tweaked the font colors slightly, hopefully making them a bit more visible. The text over the title photo was a real challenge - no font color showed up well over that image. So I brightened the image, washing out some of the color, which should make the words stand out a bit more. My biggest issue with Blogger is that while it provides some nice templates to work with, it doesn't provide enough functionality to tweak small details - like the font or color in a specific part of the layout. I think I will look at other platforms, but I have to investigate how to transfer the content over if I do that.