Saturday, May 7, 2011

Quick follow-up on Rainwater Harvesting legislation in AZ

I recently posted about a piece of legislation being considered in Phoenix that first would have created a new water right to harvested rainwater, then was modified to create a state commission to study the practice of rainwater harvesting and how it could be used to augment renewable water supplies.  Just to keep you up to date, I recently learned that the bill, SB1522, didn't make it out of the legislature this year.  According to an article in the Prescott paper, the bill was held up in committee by the committee head who says he just doesn't like study committees.  Maybe next year they'll try to move it through a different committee.


Rainwater tanks said...
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Water filters said...

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Emerson Paynode said...

Water shortage is a notable problem nowadays. So while the government is doing their best to prevent water shortage, we must also take part in helping out not only the government, but also and more importantly Mother Earth.